Midnights In London

It’s the late 19th century, industry is booming, and the British Empire is expanding. However, a threat looms over the unsuspecting denizens of the city of London. Exhausting all other avenues, the British government has enlisted the help of the mysterious Mr Daim.

Join him and his trusty sidekick, Captain Robertson, as they rush to stop the Terror of London.

Midnights In London, Part 1

This wasn’t the first time Mr Daim found himself voyaging halfway across the world. The nature of his work had taken him all over the globe, from the imperial courts of Peking to the dense jungle forests of the Amazon.

Midnights In London, Part 2

It was from these very rooms that Britannia commanded her vast empire. Mr Daim was about to enter the belly of the beast.

Midnights In London, Part 3

It wasn’t uncommon to see unnamed labourers lying dead in unmarked alleyways. What was uncommon, however, was the nature in which this particular labourer met his fate.

Midnights In London, Part 4

With one last burst of courage, Captain Robertson swiftly slipped into the room, pistol raised, to find a figure by the window dressed in black as thick as the midnight sky.

Midnights In London, Part 5

This stage of an investigation was always the most arduous. Lesser men would have given up by now, but determination drove Mr Daim forward, and duty dragged Captain Robertson along.

Midnights In London, Part 6

Captain Robertson slowly drew his pistol from its holster, the moon glistening off the sweat that trickled down his brow.

Midnights In London, Part 7

One moment, they were there, in the confines of that little office in Murdstone & Co. The next, they were somewhere else entirely.

Midnights In London, Part 9

Captain Robertson awoke sometime later – how much time? He wasn’t sure – to find himself in a place he did not recognise.